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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve developed a comprehensive range of Corporate Social Responsibility policies that best serves the needs of the community. Environmental issues are increasingly important to every business. We follow Good Practice Guidelines designed to control and limit our environmental impact. We also have a comprehensive set of Corporate Social Responsibility policies in place that allow us to play our part as good corporate citizens.

These policies are the way we put Corporate Social Responsibility into practice on a daily basis. They are supported by appropriate training and in-service development programmes. The thrust of all these activities is to help our organisation and society at large to work towards a more sustainable future.

Rentokil Initial Tanzania Limited recently undertook two projects to support the local population.  

With employee initiative, a project to feed orphans and widows living on the streets of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania was successfully undertaken in July, 2009.

Another project was undertaken in August, 2009. This involved support to lesser privileged citizens living on the northern coast of Dar es Salaam in an area called Kunduchi.

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