Initial in Tanzania

We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


People Matter

Customers and visitors to your bathroom expect to experience a clean, hygienic level of service that reflects well on your business. So we make it our business to provide an outstanding service so that you, your customers and your people can enjoy a level of comfort, hygiene, cleanliness and convenience that makes them feel cared for and valued.

Our People

All our people are thoroughly trained in their duties, so whilst you may not see much of them, you will appreciate their dedication and value their unobtrusive yet effective ability to provide a more pleasant bathroom experience for all – one less thing for your business to worry about. devolved responsibility means they take pride in their performance – and you enjoy a higher quality of customer service.

Your People

Hygiene is not always a matter of great concern in many organisations – until something goes wrong. But your staff needs well-serviced hygiene facilities in order to do their job without discomfort. Customers and visitors will judge the facilities you provide as a reflection of your professionalism. Prioritising hygiene lets your staff, customers and visitors know that their comfort and convenience is important to you. With Initial you can rely on unbroken comfort, hygiene and convenience at all times.

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