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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Air Fresheners

Initial offers a wide range of Air Fresheners to suit customer tastes. The Air Fresheners raise the quality of air on your premises by controlling malodours and creating a pleasant washroom environment. Designed and developed by Rentokil Initial’s research and development laboratories plus renowned air fresh manufacturers, our powerful and technological advanced air fresheners minimize stale air in toilets, washrooms, lockers and changing rooms. Our Air fresheners are also ideal for offices, conference rooms, reception rooms, hotel lobbies and in households providing pleasant fragrances all through the day.

Standard Air Freshener


The Standard Air fresh is environmentally friendly and avoids the use of cheap fragrances that have been proved to cause serious health ailments including cancer. Each of our fragrances come with a pertinent Material Safety Data Sheet ensuring that it has been approved for safe use worldwide. Equipped with intelligent electronics the Air Freshener units automatically dispense fragrances at appropriate times – from dawn till dusk. The fragrances dispensed linger delightfully, ensuring a pleasant effect all day long. There are many choices of fragrances and dispensers each providing a perfect solution to your odour problems. Each product is innovative and designed to have a special purpose. Our Air fresheners include premium fragrances that avoid wet, oily fallout like other common air fresheners. Clients can choose from more than a dozen classic, deodorizer fragrances for true odour control and a pleasant office environment.


Solar Air Freshener

Solar Airfresh LG

The Solar Air fresh is environmentally friendly, using solar energy and other light sources in your washrooms to power it. Equipped with intelligent electronics, the solar air fresh remembers visitors’ behaviour and automatically dispenses fragrance at appropriate times – from dawn till dusk. The fragrances dispensed linger delightfully, ensuring a pleasant effect all day long.

  • Unique dual canister design ensures consistent performance throughout the day.
  • Dispenses a powerful, ultra-fine ‘dry’ perfume in a choice of fragrances.
  • Spray intervals can be pre-programmed.
  • Powered by efficient light energy.
  • Intelligent software ‘learns’ washroom usage patterns.
  • Serviced and stocked by trained Initial staff at regular intervals.
Air Care Solution

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