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We are a part of the Rentokil Initial group. We are a leading provider of expert facilities management, medical and hygiene services to businesses and organisations of all kind, enabling them to focus on what they do best.


Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Studies show that many people prefer drying their hands with paper towels. Initial offers two paper-based drying systems - one using individual paper towels, the other a roll of paper.

Paper Towels

The Initial individual paper towel dispenser has a large reservoir that keeps towels clean, dry and hygienic. A specially designed aperture guarantees economical use.

Paper Roll

The Initial paper roll dispenser also provides an individual paper towel for every user. The roll is automatically cut with each use. In use, the design is also extremely hygienic.

  • Dispensers show fill level – so its always easy to see that there are enough paper towels in the washroom.
  • Dispensers are lockable to prevent pilfering.
  • Dispensers keep paper towels clean, dry and free from contamination.

Disposer Bin

The Initial paper roll dispensers and Initial individual paper towel dispensers come with attractive Disposer bins. Disposer pedal bins are a convenient place to discard used paper towels. The Disposer bins are grey in colour and match any washroom design.

Hand Hygiene

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