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Research shows that clean toilets prevent health hazards


Washroom visitors who do not like to sit down on a toilet and as an alternative hang above the toilet to avoid toilet contact, have a higher chance of getting cystitis. This came out of a research done by a Dutch health magazine.

The Dutch Magazine ‘gezondNU’, has done research into the washroom behaviour of a selected group of 350 people. The target group consisted out of male and female washroom visitors in several age categories, which were questioned about their habits when going to the toilet.

Many users are worried about washroom hygiene

The research shows that almost 80% of the women, and 40% of the male washroom visitors do not want to sit down on the toilet, other than at home, due to bad hygiene.

The biggest hygiene problems seem to exist in public places, such as toilets at motorway car parks, toilets in shopping centres, toilets in city centres and toilets in restaurants.

Toilet hygiene health hazards

Not sitting down when going to the toilet is a health hazard. Research has shown that not sitting down can cause cystitis. Also postponing a toilet visit might cause waste products produced by the body to go into the blood stream.

Sitting down on a dirty toilet seat is not without risks.

Although not visible to the naked eye, shared toilet seats become contaminated with faecal bacteria that may cause infections, such as Hepatitis A & B and gastro-enteritis.

Better toilet hygiene with Initial Seat Cleaners

Seat Cleaners from Initial are the solution to contaminated toilet seats. The toilet seat cleaner is positioned in each cubicle close to the toilet tissue dispenser. It works by dispensing an alcohol-based solution onto a tissue and wiping around the toilet seat before using it. The solution helps improve hygiene confidence and considerably reduces the health risks associated with shared toilet facilities.

Washroom hygiene products and services

Next to the Seat Cleaner, Initial offers a complete range of washroom hygiene products and services which allows companies to offer their visitors and employees a clean and hygienic washroom visit.

The complete washroom product range from Initial includes products from toilet tissue dispensers, air care systems, to hand washing and hand drying solutions.

Initial delivers these washroom products in a full-service concept. This means that Initial will professionally install the products, and provide fresh supplies during the service period.

For more information about washroom services from Initial, and a tailored advice for your organisation, please get in contact with a washroom expert!

Source indication: magazine ‘gezondNU’


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