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Toilet Seat Sanitisers

Seat Cleaner

Studies show that hygiene standards in washrooms often fail to meet the expectations of visitors. Companies that clearly value the cleanliness and hygiene of their facilities have a positive impact on staff, visitors and business partners.

The danger that contaminated toilet seats can represent should never be underestimated. Although not visible to the naked eye, many toilet seats become contaminated with faecal bacteria after use. Such contaminated toilet seats may cause skin irritations and are a potential source of viruses. Users of toilets often wish there was a quick, easy and hygienic way to sanitise the toilet seat before using it. Well now there is - Initial seat hygiene combines easy handling with effective disinfectant.

Seat hygiene works by dispensing a special liquid onto tissue to help sanitise these surfaces thoroughly. The solution sanitises the toilet seat and considerably reduces the health risks associated with toilets in multiple use. There are other benefits too:

  • Reduces the risks of infection.
  • Fluid DGHM listed and recommended, ph-neutral, quick drying.
  • Pleasant fragrance.
  • Regularly serviced by skilled Initial staff.
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